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The average reader can read 238 words per minute (WPM) while reading silently. When reading aloud, the average reader can read 183 words per minute (WPM).

What does the research say?

There are many reasons why being able to read faster and remember more of what you read is important, it's a skill that can provide benefits to all ages.

Early Childhood Development

Early engagement with reading lays the foundation for cognitive growth, vocabulary acquisition, and future academic success. Research indicates that fostering a love for reading in children nurtures their mental development.

Cognitive Development

Reading comprehension relies on working memory, allowing us to grasp complex ideas and draw meaningful connections while reading. Strong working memory is vital for understanding and interpreting written information effectively.

Education and Academic Achievement

Solid reading comprehension skills aren't just limited to language arts; they play a pivotal role in excelling across all subjects. Students who grasp reading intricacies tend to perform better in various academic areas.

Adult Literacy and Cognitive Aging

Staying engaged with reading throughout adulthood has shown to be beneficial for cognitive preservation. Research suggests that activities like reading can contribute to maintaining cognitive function and potentially delaying cognitive decline as we age.

Digital Literacy and Critical Thinking

In today's digital era, having strong reading comprehension skills is essential for navigating the vast sea of online information. Being able to critically evaluate sources and discern reliable information is a hallmark of effective reading comprehension.

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Readyy was built with education in mind. With our institution plan - schools, colleges and universities can invite and remove any amount of students and colleagues to their plan without paying extra.

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